Carol Chillington Rutter is Professor of Shakespeare and Performance Studies at the University of Warwick. 

She was Director of Warwick's CAPITAL Centre (a centre of excellence in teaching and learning) from 2006-2011. Her books include Clamorous Voices: Shakespeare's Women Today; The Documents of the Rose Playhouse; Enter the Body: Women and Representation on Shakespeare's Stage; and Shakespeare and Child's Play: Performing Lost Boys on Stage and Screen and she has just completed a six-year stint writing the annual review of Shakespeare performed in England and Wales for Shakespeare Survey.

For Digital Theatre, she has written the study guide to King Lear and The Taming of the Shrew, alongside providing several on camera interviews with a focus on Shakespeare. She holds a WATE (Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence) and was appointed a National Teaching Fellow in 2011. She is an Executive Member (elect) of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Chair of Governors of Dormer House PNEU School. Her current research project is a biography of Henry Wotton, sent as ambassador to the Venetian Republic by King James in 1604.