Promoting technical excellence in live performance. 

The ABTT is the membership organisation upholding standards in technical excellence and safety for theatre and live performance.

The ABTT seeks to continuously advance technical expertise in theatre and live performance and work with its membership to develop and promote best practice in all relevant crafts and disciplines.

The ABTT sets the standards to promote self-regulation of safety and technical excellence in the UK’s theatre and live performance industry, and ensures they are upheld through:

  • sharing - connecting practitioners through discussion, debate, learning, events and resources.
  • standards - producing a Code of Practice for the industry, containing guidance by which to accommodate and present live performance safely.
  • design - advising on the design and operation of venues and on the implementation of technology in places of entertainment.
  • advocacy - working with government and enforcement agencies to maintain an enlightened and flexible approach to legal compliance.
  • careers - supporting education, on-going training and professional development in technical careers.

The Association of British Theatre Technicians is a Registered Charity no. 282069.