ISTA is an international organisation that works with young people, teachers and artists worldwide. ISTA events engage young people and teachers with different places and cultures. It brings together different people who share a passion or an interest in theatre, valuing and respecting different perspectives and using these to explore and learn about theatre from around the world.

Putting students and teachers and professionals together who are all passionate about theatre… it’s no wonder the magic happens.

Their extensive international network supports teachers personally and professionally; it raises the profile of the arts in a school; and provides young people with unique, transformative experiences. Their Continuing Professional Development programme is ongoing and cyclical – allowing teachers to engage with ISTA according to time, needs and budget. Young people are at the heart of the ISTA experience and participate in their events through three modes of learning: cultural, artistic and social.

Since 2006 ISTA has been the global provider for DP Theatre training. They provide opportunities for IB Theatre teachers to receive training at Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 levels. They produce student TaPS events across the globe where IB Theatre students gather from different schools and work together with international artists for three days. Their aim is to provide these students with a seminal theatre and learning experience that will act as a launch pad for their own explorations of theatre, within the context of the IB Theatre programme.

ISTA helps place a school community and a theatre department at the heart of a thriving international arts community. They have an Artist in Residence programme, a school wide consultancy programme, as well as a far reaching online library for teachers and a quarterly journal “Scene”.

Any collaboration that enriches the professional lives of our member teachers is, for us, a valuable journey. We are delighted by the partnership with Digital Theatre Plus and believe our member teachers will have access to a rich resource that has the potential to greatly impact on teaching practices.

Sally Robertson, ISTA Chief Executive Officer