Over the last 13 years the Shakespeare Schools Festival charity has enabled over 100,000 8–18 year olds of all abilities and disabilities to perform half-hour abridged Shakespeare plays in professional theatres. 

We are the largest youth drama festival in the UK and our offer to enable four local schools to work together on one performance day and night is unmatched. 

In the most fundamental way the Shakespeare Schools Festival introduces a new generation of young people to Shakespeare’s work and the magic of live theatre. It gives access to what is often perceived as an elitist art form. It empowers young people and their communities to own Shakespeare’s language and stories. 

By making the festival non-competitive we are able to specifically target disadvantaged children and schools. Our workshops offer teachers the tools with which to engage a whole class. We challenge teachers’ preconceived ideas of their own expertise and their ability to develop new ways of teaching. We challenge students to prove their potential and to represent their school in the community. 

Shakespeare Schools Festival, setting the stage for a brighter future