We have absolutely loved using Digital Theatre+ this year and the students have found the resource extremely effective as they can also access it from home as well as school allowing for flipped learning. DT+ is a really important resorce for us here as we are not near any major theatres so getting to the theatre can be practically and financially difficult for many of our pupils. The DT+ platform helps to bring high quality theatre to us. The productions are filmed so well that we feel like we are watching them live.

Alongside this, all of the resources such as interviews and written materials are a huge benefit. This year, we have used the platform in particular for Things I Know to Be True. We use this before we watch the performance to get a background on the company. This really helps students’ understanding and it is almost better than going to the theatre as you can rewind, revisit and analyse.

I am now going to work collectively with my peer teachers across Fife to analyse the productions and prepare our teaching plans together.

Ultimately, DT+ engages the students interest in theatre and not only helps them pass exams but makes them want to go to the theatre too.

There is nothing else I have come across quite like this. It opens the door to students who wouldn’t have the opportunity to see theatre usually. My pupil feedback on DT+ was amazing and they were all ‘buzzing’ about watching the productions.

Morag Douglas, Head of Drama, Levenmouth Academy, Fife