Initially, the Performing Arts Faculty of Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, where we teach the International Baccalaureate and National Curriculum, subscribed to Digital Theatre+ as a means to draw on the rich repository of performance and production resources available on the site. The ability to access high quality recordings of significant performances in their entirety is rare and highly valued. Interviews with industry practitioners and provision of relevant workshop material have complemented the experiential and theoretical work conducted in the classrooms. This is particularly true for the students studying the IB Theatre course. Then, members of the Performing Arts Faculty recommended Digital Theatre+ to their colleagues in the English Department as it was very clear that teaching and learning of drama texts in English classes would be appreciably enhanced by these wonderful resources. Teachers of English have been enthusiastic in their praise for the material on offer and its practical applications.

Digital Theatre+ seek input from and respond to the needs and interests of users of the site, and consequently the range of resources continue to increase. The College has made annual subscriptions to Digital Theatre+ and recommends it as an excellent site for teaching and learning resources.

Ms Leonie Quinn, Teacher of English and Theatre Learning and Innovation, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College