I was very impressed with the quality and variety of the performances and interviews that you have on offer. All of the plays are being used by our school for a manner of different reasons.I am using several of the plays to make up items on our programme for our 6th Form Theatre Appreciation Society. This is aimed at students studying English Lit and Drama at A Level, also all doing IB as part of their English course and the TOK course. This is great this year as the student’s access these plays for free and get to watch them in the comfort of school rather than heading out into town to a theatre. In particular, I will be using Kafka’s Monkey with links to Brecht and Berkoff as practitioner’s study in GCSE Drama. One staff member has already started using All My Sons for the IOP requirement of the IB course. The feedback on the quality of production and availability of this resource has been brilliant.In addition to this, I plan on using the interview segments to add more “real” examples of the theory studied for both GCSE and A Level Drama. This helps in preparation for the students Devised and Scripted practical examinations.

The British School in the Netherlands, The Hague