As You Like It

William Shakespeare
BBC Studios
Directed by Basil Coleman

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players

The fiery Rosalind and her devoted cousin Celia are forced to flee from the usurping Duke Frederick, into the forest of Arden to find the rightful Duke, Rosalind's father. When the dashing young Orlando follows suit to the woods, romance and mischief ensue.

Production duration: 2 hrs 30 min
BBC Studios

Cast & creative team


  • Rosalind
    helen Mirren
  • Orlando
    Brian Stirner
  • Jacques
    Richard Pasco
  • Celia
    Angharad Rees
  • Oliver
    Clive Francis
  • Duke Frederick
    Richard Easton
  • Banished Duke
    Tony Church
  • Le Beau
    John Quentin
  • Silvius
    Maynard Williams
  • Phebe
    Victoria Plucknett
  • Audrey
    Marilyn Le Conte
  • Amiens
    Tom McDonnell
  • Corin
    David Lloyd Meredith
  • Adam
    Arthur Hewlett
  • William
    Jeffrey Holland
  • Sir Oliver Martext
    Timothy Bateson
  • Charles
    David Prowse
  • Hymen
    John Moulder-Brown
  • Palace Lord
    Peter Tullo
  • Palace Lord
    Mike Lewin
  • Banished Duke's Lord
    Carl Forgione
  • Banished Duke's Lord
    Max Harvey
  • Dennis
    Chris Sullivan
  • Page
    Paul Phoenix
  • Page
    Barry Holden


  • William Shakespeare
  • Basil Coleman
  • Cedric Mesina
  • Geoffrey Burgon
  • Don Taylor
  • Robin Fraser-Paye
  • Kezia De Winne