William Shakespeare
BBC Studios

What's done cannot be undone.

When three 'weyard sisters' appear to the heroic Scottish general, Macbeth, prophesying that he will become, first Thane of Cawdor, and then king of all Scotland, he and his wife are set on a murderously ambitious path.

The death, deceit and destruction that ensue wreak havoc on the couple's fragile minds.

Production duration: 2 hrs 27 min
BBC Studios

Cast & creative team


  • First Witch
    Brenda Bruce
  • Second Witch
    Eileen Way
  • Third Witch
    Anne Dyson
  • Duncan
    Mark Dignam
  • Malcolm
    Mark Dignam
  • Malcolm
    James Hazeldine
  • Captain
    Christopher Ellison
  • Lennox
    John Rowe
  • Ross
    Gawn Grainger
  • Macbeth
    Nicol Williamson
  • Banquo
    Ian Hogg
  • Angus
    David Lyon
  • Lady Macbeth
    Jane Lapotaire
  • Fleance
    Alistair Henderson
  • Macduff
    Tony Doyle
  • Donalbain
    Tom Bowles
  • Seyton
    Eamon Boland
  • Lady Macduff
    Jill Baker
  • Son to Macduff
    Crispin Mair
  • Caithness
    Peter Porteous
  • Old Siward
    William Abney
  • Young Siward
    Nicholas Coppin


  • William Shakespeare
  • Peter Stenning
    Production Manager
  • John Brace
    Visual Effects Designer
  • Jenny Shircore
    Make- Up Artist
  • Michael Burdle
    Costume Designer
  • Ray Angel
    Ray Angel
  • Dennis Channon
  • Carl Davis
  • Gerry Scott