Meryl Streep and John Lithgow are amongst the cast of William Gillette's Secret Service

Secret Service

William Gillette
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Daniel Freudenberger

Featuring Meryl Streep and John Lithgow in one of their earliest television appearances, this thriller tells the tale of a Union spy working to seize control of the telegraph office in Richmond, Virginia in 1864.

But as suspicions rise, a trap is being set...

Contains strong language and moderate violence.

Production duration: 1 hr 55 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Wilfred Varney
    Don Scardino
  • Martha
    Louise Stubbs
  • Mrs Varney
    Alice Drummond
  • Edith Varney
    Meryl Streep
  • Jonas
    David Harris
  • Lieutenant Maxwell
    Frederick Coffin
  • Captain Thorne
    John Lithgow
  • Caroline Mitford
    Marybeth Hurt
  • Benton Arrelsford
    Charles Kimbrough
  • Corporal Matson
    Joe Grifasi
  • Private Eddinger
    Stuart Warmflash
  • Cavalry Orderly
    Moultrie Patten
  • Henry Dumont
    Lenny Baker
  • Lieutenant Allison
    Jonathan Penzner
  • Lieutenant Foray
    Rex Robbins
  • Messenger A
    Hansford Rowe
  • Messenger B
    Arthur Miller
  • Sergeant Wilson
    Jeffrey Jones
  • Maj. Gen. Randolph
    Roy Poole


  • Daniel Freudenberger
  • Peter Levin
  • Jac Venza
    Executive Producer
  • Ken Campbell
  • James Tilton
    Set Designer
  • Clifford Capone
    Costume Designer
  • Margaret Sunshine
  • Bob Grimaldi
  • William Knight
    Lighting Designer
  • Arthur Miller
  • John Haggerty
    Production Manager