Secret Service

William Gillette
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Daniel Freudenberger

Featuring Meryl Streep and John Lithgow in one of their earliest television appearances, this thriller tells the tale of a Union spy working to seize control of the telegraph office in Richmond, Virginia in 1864.

But as suspicions rise, a trap is being set...

Contains strong language and moderate violence.

Production duration: 1 hr 55 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Wilfred Varney
    Don Scardino
  • Martha
    Louise Stubbs
  • Mrs Varney
    Alice Drummond
  • Edith Varney
    Meryl Streep
  • Jonas
    David Harris
  • Lieutenant Maxwell
    Frederick Coffin
  • Captain Thorne
    John Lithgow
  • Caroline Mitford
    Marybeth Hurt
  • Benton Arrelsford
    Charles Kimbrough
  • Corporal Matson
    Joe Grifasi
  • Private Eddinger
    Stuart Warmflash
  • Cavalry Orderly
    Moultrie Patten
  • Henry Dumont
    Lenny Baker
  • Lieutenant Allison
    Jonathan Penzner
  • Lieutenant Foray
    Rex Robbins
  • Messenger A
    Hansford Rowe
  • Messenger B
    Arthur Miller
  • Sergeant Wilson
    Jeffrey Jones
  • Maj. Gen. Randolph
    Roy Poole


  • Daniel Freudenberger
  • Peter Levin
  • Jac Venza
    Executive Producer
  • Ken Campbell
  • James Tilton
    Set Designer
  • Clifford Capone
    Costume Designer
  • Margaret Sunshine
  • Bob Grimaldi
  • William Knight
    Lighting Designer
  • Arthur Miller
  • John Haggerty
    Production Manager