The Iceman Cometh

Eugene O'Neill
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Sidney Lumet

Robert Redford stars in Eugene O'Neill's harrowing drama which shines a spotlight on the perpetual pipe dreams of the down-and-out regulars of a seedy New York saloon. Their sad, but complacent existences are rattled when Hickey arrives for his annual binge a changed man - forswearing alcohol and preaching deliverance from "the lie of the pipe dream."

Contains strong langauge and mild violence.

Production duration: 3 hrs 24 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Hickey
    Jason Robards Jr.
  • Larry Slade
    Myron McCormick
  • Rocky
    Tom Pedi
  • Willie Oban
    James Broderick
  • Harry Hope
    Farrell Pelly
  • Don Parritt
    Robert Redford
  • The Captain
    Ronald Radd
  • The General
    Roland Winters
  • Jimmy Tomorrow
    Harrison Dowd
  • Chuck
    Michael Strong
  • Hugo
    Sorrell Booke
  • Joe Mott
    Maxwell Glanville
  • Pat
    Charles White
  • Ed Mosher
    Walter Klavun
  • Margie
    Hilda Brawner
  • Pearl
    Julie Bovasso
  • Moran
    Herbert Voland
  • Cora
    Joan Copeland


  • Eugene O’Neill
  • Sidney Lumet
  • Lewis Freedman
  • Worthington Miner
    Executive Producer
  • Paul McDonough
    Played Special Music
  • Brooks Atkinson
  • Bob Markell
  • Wes Laws
    Set Decoration
  • Cricket McCune
    Make-up Supervisor
  • Ralph Holmes
    Lighting Director
  • Gene Coffin
  • Ed Waglin
    Associate Director
  • Joseph Liss
    Script Editor
  • Marc Merson
    Casting Director