Robert Redford stars in Eugene O'Neill's classic The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh

Eugene O'Neill
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Sidney Lumet

Robert Redford stars in Eugene O'Neill's harrowing drama which shines a spotlight on the perpetual pipe dreams of the down-and-out regulars of a seedy New York saloon. Their sad, but complacent existences are rattled when Hickey arrives for his annual binge a changed man - forswearing alcohol and preaching deliverance from "the lie of the pipe dream."

Contains strong langauge and mild violence.

Production duration: 3 hrs 24 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Hickey
    Jason Robards Jr.
  • Larry Slade
    Myron McCormick
  • Rocky
    Tom Pedi
  • Willie Oban
    James Broderick
  • Harry Hope
    Farrell Pelly
  • Don Parritt
    Robert Redford
  • The Captain
    Ronald Radd
  • The General
    Roland Winters
  • Jimmy Tomorrow
    Harrison Dowd
  • Chuck
    Michael Strong
  • Hugo
    Sorrell Booke
  • Joe Mott
    Maxwell Glanville
  • Pat
    Charles White
  • Ed Mosher
    Walter Klavun
  • Margie
    Hilda Brawner
  • Pearl
    Julie Bovasso
  • Moran
    Herbert Voland
  • Cora
    Joan Copeland


  • Eugene O’Neill
  • Sidney Lumet
  • Lewis Freedman
  • Worthington Miner
    Executive Producer
  • Paul McDonough
    Played Special Music
  • Brooks Atkinson
  • Bob Markell
  • Wes Laws
    Set Decoration
  • Cricket McCune
    Make-up Supervisor
  • Ralph Holmes
    Lighting Director
  • Gene Coffin
  • Ed Waglin
    Associate Director
  • Joseph Liss
    Script Editor
  • Marc Merson
    Casting Director