The Master Builder

Henrik Ibsen
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by John Stix

Widely regarded as an allegory of Ibsen's own life, this classic production follows title character Halvard Solness as he begins work on his finest project, encouraged by a young woman from his past to finally build her the "castles in the sky" he once promised.

But as the building gathers pace and the monumental structure reaches ever higher, Solness no longer seems to be acting under his own volition.

Production duration: 1 hr 43 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Halvard Solness
    E G Marshall
  • Hilde
    Lois Smith
  • Kaja
    Phyllis Love
  • Dr Herdal
    Fred Stewart
  • Knut Brovik
    Victor Killan
  • Ragnar Brovik
    James Patterson
  • Aline Solness
    Joanna Roos


  • John Stix
  • Richard A Lukin
  • David Susskind
    Executive Producer
  • Lewis Freedman
  • Jac Venza
  • Dean Nelson
    Lighting Director
  • Jacques Press
  • Peggy Morrison
  • Inez Lopardo
    Make Up
  • John Neukum
    Associate Director
  • Budd Wilds
    Production Manager