Stephen Minch stars in Maxwell Anderson's time travel tale The Star Wagon

The Star Wagon

Maxwell Anderson
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Karl Genus

Maxwell Anderson's dark comedy follows disgruntled inventor Orson Bean, whose lacklustre career takes a surprise twist when he invents something that could change the world - time machine "The Star Wagon".

Before announcing his great find, a few pet projects of his own need seeing to, with the help of his reluctant assistant, played by a young Dustin Hoffman.

Production duration: 2 hrs 26 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • Stephen Minch
    Orson Bean
  • Hallie
    Eileen Brennan
  • Burly Burglar
    Richard Castellano
  • Hanus Wicks
    Dustin Hoffman
  • Mrs Rutledge
    Jo Hurt
  • Martha
    Joan Lorring
  • Charles
    Ed Zimmerman
  • Cast
    Hal Burdick
  • Cast
    Macintyre Dixon
  • Cast
    Chet Doherty
  • Cast
    Shelly Gale
  • Cast
    Russell Horton
  • Cast
    Arthur Hughes
  • Cast
    Ian Jenkins
  • Cast
    Beverly Luckenbach
  • Cast
    Charles Macphee
  • Cast
    Marian Seldes
  • Cast
    Ben Yaffee


  • Karl Genus
  • Earl Dawson
    Associate Director
  • Leif Pedersen
    Art Director
  • José Serebier
  • Noel Taylor
  • Phil Naso
    Hair Styling
  • Dick Smith, S.M.A.
  • Paul Davis
    Stage Manager