Franklyn Seales takes the stand in Daniel A Stein's The Trial of the Moke

The Trial of the Moke

Daniel A. Stein
Broadway Digital Archive
Directed by Stan Lathan

Starring a young Samuel L. Jackson, The Trial of the Moke is based on the true story of the humiliation and anguish suffered by Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper, the first black graduate of West Point.

Assigned to serve at Fort Davis, Texas, in 1881, Flipper became the object of a conspiracy to rid the base of its only black graduate.

Contains strong language.

Production duration: 1 hr 27 min
Broadway Digital Archive

Cast & creative team


  • William Chamberlain
    Thalmus Rasulala
  • Henry Flipper
    Franklyn Seales
  • Molly Reilly
    Kristie Thatcher
  • Charles Nordstrom
    Ronald Frazier
  • James Smith
    Howard E. Rollins, Jr.
  • Ross
    Durwood McDonald
  • William Shafter
    Robert Burr
  • Carl Wilhelmi
    John Mansfield
  • Bentz
    James Pickering
  • Lucy Smith
    Alfre Woodard
  • Johnson Whittaker
    Samuel L. Jackson
  • Joseph Sender
    Henry Strozier
  • Merritt Barber
    Daniel Mooney
  • Judge-Advocate Clous
    Montgomery Davis
  • Colonel Pennypacker
    Bennett Sargeant


  • Stan Lathan
  • Ken Campbell
  • Marjorie Kellogg
    Scenic Designer
  • Nancy McCloud
  • George Riesenberger
    Lighting Designer
  • Ellen M Kozak
    Costume Desginer
  • Bob Grimaldi
    Hair Stylist
  • Margaret Sunshine
  • Judi Elterman
    Associate Director
  • Franc Martarella
    Production Manager
  • Tony Marshall
    Stage Manager