William Shakespeare
Royal Exchange Theatre

Captured in the round at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, this production boldly reimagines gender across the characters.

Peake, a leading British talent, stars as the first UK female Hamlet on a major stage for 35 years.

The production continues director Sarah Frankcom’s work at the REM, now lauded as the UK’s ‘first mainstream feminist theatre.’

Production duration: 3 hrs 4 min

Cast & creative team


  • Hamlet
    Maxine Peake
  • Claudius / Ghost
    John Shrapnel
  • Gertrude
    Barbara Marten
  • Polonia
    Gillian Bevan
  • Horatio
    Thomas Arnold
  • Laertes
    Ashley Zhanhazha
  • Ophelia
    Katie West
  • Marcella / Player King
    Claire Benedict
  • Guildenstern
    Peter Singh
  • Rosencrantz / 2nd Gravedigger
    Jodie McNee
  • Margaret / 1st Gravedigger
    Michelle Butterly
  • Bernardo / Ostric / Player Queen
    Ben Stott
  • Francisco / Reynaldo / Priest
    Tachia Newall
  • Lucianus
    Dean Gregory


  • Sarah Frankcom
    Stage Director
  • Margaret Williams
    Film Director
  • William Shakespeare
  • Anne Beresford
  • Debbie Gray
  • Alex Baranowski
  • Steve Eveleigh
    Film Editing
  • Kevin Horsewood
  • Helen Harrison
    Production Assistant
  • Imogen Knight
    Movement Director