King Lear at the Almeida with Jonathan Pryce

King Lear

William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Attenborough

“Nothing will come of nothing.”

King Lear is considered by many to be Shakespeare’s finest tragedy. Lear, in dividing up his kingdom to his three daughters, gradually descends into madness, ultimately bringing tragedy upon all concerned. 

This production was captured by Digital Theatre live at London’s Almeida Theatre as part of the 2012 World Shakespeare Festival. Directed by the Almeida’s artistic director, Michael Attenborough, it starred the award-winning Jonathan Pryce as a Lear said to be “electrifying naturalistic” by the Independent on Sunday, “changeable as the weather, warm and gentle, shaken and ferociously raging.”

Contains moderate violence.

Production duration: 2 hrs 43 min

Cast & creative team


  • Earl of Kent
    Ian Gelder
  • Earl of Gloucester
    Clive Wood
  • Edmund
    Kieran Bew
  • King Lear
    Jonathan Pryce
  • Goneril
    Zoë Waites
  • Regan
    Jenny Jules
  • Cordelia
    Phoebe Fox
  • Duke of Albany
    Richard Hope
  • Duke of Cornwall
    Chook Sibtain
  • Duke of Burgundy
    Andrew Nolan
  • King of France
    Ben Dilloway
  • Edgar
    Richard Goulding
  • Oswald
    Steven Elliot
  • Lear's Gentleman
    Barry McCarthy
  • Fool
    Trevor Fox
  • Gloucester's Servant
    Christopher Tester
  • Gloucester's Tenant
    Alix Wilton Regan


  • Michael Attenborough
  • Tom Scutt
  • Jon Clark
  • Dan Jones
  • Julia Horan CDG
  • Terry King
    Fight Director
  • Imogen Knight
  • Paul Kieve
    Magic Consultant