Lovesong by Abi Morgan


Abi Morgan
Lyric Hammersmith
Directed by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett

"Time is linear. When we die, I think we die. But until I do… I want that time to be with you.”

Lovesong intricately weaves the story of a couple in the first stages of their life together with the same couple as they approach the end of this story. 

A delicate mix of storytelling and physical theatre, this production was captured by Digital Theatre live at the Lyric Hammersmith, London. Directed and choreographed by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett, it features an extraordinary collaborative performance from its cast; Edward Bennett, Sam Cox, Sian Phillips and Leanne Rowe.

Contains strong language.

Production duration: 1 hr 35 min

Cast & creative team


  • William
    Edward Bennett
  • Maggie
    Siân Phillips
  • Billy
    Sam Cox
  • Margaret
    Leanne Rowe


  • Abi Morgan
  • Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett
    Direction & Choreography
  • Merle Hensel
  • Andy Purves
    Lighting Design
  • Carolyn Downing
    Sound Design
  • Ian William Galloway
    Video Design
  • Adam Young
    Video Design
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Helen Porter
    Singing & Voice
  • Geordie Brookman
    Assistant Director
  • David Harraway
    Production Manager
  • Joni Carter
    Company Stage Manager
  • Aled Thomas
    Technical Stage Manager
  • Ben Walden
    Sound & Video Supervisor