The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare and produced by the RSC and Told by an Idiot

The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare
Clapham Community Project
Directed by Paul Hunter

"I to the world am like a drop of water, / That in the ocean seeks another drop, / Who, falling there to find his fellow forth, / Unseen, inquisitive, confounds himself." 

When two sets of twins are shipwrecked their father can save only one of each. Years later, one Antipholus and one Dromio arrive in Ephesus only to find that everyone there seems a little odd...

Production duration: 1 hr 26 min

Cast & creative team


  • Antipholus Of Ephesus
    James Tucker
  • Dromio Of Ephesus
    Dyfan Dwyfor
  • Adriana
    Christine Entwisle
  • Luciana
    Debbie Korley
  • Aegeon
    David Carr
  • Antipholus Of Syracuse
    Richard Katz
  • Dromio Of Syracuse
    Jonjo O'Neill
  • Abbess
    Sophie Russell
  • Solinus
    James Traherne
  • Angelo
    Dharmesh Patel
  • Balthazar
    Peter Peverley
  • Courtesan
    Mariah Gale


  • William Shakespeare
  • Paul Hunter
  • Michael Vale
  • Iain Johnstone
  • Hayley Carmichael
    Associate Director
  • Sophie Russell
    Tap Choreography & Dance Captain
  • Alison Bomber
    Company Text & Voice Work
  • Vik Sivalingam
    Assistant Director
  • Peter Peverley
    Music Captain
  • Hannah Miller CDG
  • Jeremy Adams
  • Rebecca Watts
    Production Manager
  • Bushy Westfallen
    Costume Supervisor
  • Michael Dembowicz
    Company Manager
  • Pip Horobin
    Stage Manager
  • Juliette Taylor
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Joanna Vimpany
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Kate Wolstenholme
    Education Team