A Woman of No Importance

Oscar Wilde
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Michael Hackett
Devilishly attractive Lord Illingworth is notorious for his skill as a seducer. But he is still invited to all the “best” houses while his female conquests must hide their shame in seclusion.
Production duration: 1 hr 47 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Lord Illingworth
    Martin Jarvis
  • Sir John Pontefract
    Peter Dennis
  • Mr. Kelvil, M.P.
    Jim Norton
  • The Ven. Archdeacon Daubeny, D.D.
    Robert Machray
  • Gerald Arbuthnot
    Paul Gutrecht
  • Lady Hunstanton
    Miriam Margolyes
  • Lady Caroline Pontefract
    Jane Carr
  • Lady Stutfield
    Judy Geeson
  • Mrs. Allonby and Alice
    Cherie Lunghi
  • Miss Hester Worsley
    Samantha Mathis
  • Mrs. Arbuthnot.
    Rosalind Ayres


  • Martin Jarvis
  • Michael Hackett