An American Daughter

Wendy Wasserstein
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Beth Miles
As a respected health crusader and devoted wife and mother, Dr. Lyssa Hughes seems perfect for the role of U.S. Surgeon General, until a chance remark at a fashionable brunch sets off a media feeding frenzy.
Production duration: 2 hrs 5 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Walter Abrahmson
    David Birney
  • Quincy Quince
    Anna Gunn
  • Billy Robbins
    Jamie Hanes
  • Timber Tucker
    Gregory Itzin
  • Morrow McCarthy
    Michael Malone
  • Senator Alan Hughes
    Kevin McCarthy
  • Lyssa Dent Hughes
    Mary McDonnell
  • Charlie 'Chubby' Hughes
    Claudette Nevins
  • Judith B. Kaufman
    Denise Nicholas


  • Beth Miles