Design For Living

Noël Coward
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Michael Hackett
Gilda, Otto, and Leo are three young expatriates entangled in a deeply symbiotic love affair. But as emotional allegiances shift continually between them, they learn that the only certainty they share is change itself.

Contains: Strong Language, Offensive Language

Production duration: 1 hr 45 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Grace Torrence
    Michelle Arthur
  • Miss Hodge
    Michelle Arthur
  • Gilda Farrell
    Claire Forlani
  • Henry Carver
    Thomas Hildreth
  • Mathew
    Thomas Hildreth
  • Mr. Birbeck
    Thomas Hildreth
  • Earnest Friedman
    Tim Monsion
  • Helen Carver
    Sarah Rafferty
  • Otto Sylvus
    Douglas Weston
  • Leo Mercuré
    Hamish Linklater


  • Michael Hackett