Yuri Trifonov
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Robert Robinson
The bureaucratic nightmare of Soviet housing and one family's attempt to "exchange" its tiny Moscow apartment for a larger one. Adapted from a novella by the respected Russian writer Yuri Trifonov, translated by playwright Michael Frayn.
Production duration: 1 hr 27 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Viktor's Father
    Ian Abercrombie
  • Lena
    Rosalind Ayres
  • Aunt Ahenya
    Sharon Bamber
  • Viktor's Mother
    Joyce Blair
  • Lora
    Barbara Bosson
  • Felix
    Peter A. Jacobs
  • Kalugin
    Peter A. Jacobs
  • Viktor
    Martin Jarvis
  • Alik
    Zosukuma Kunene
  • Natashka
    Anna Sophie Loewenberg
  • Tanya
    Vonetta McGee
  • Lena's Mother
    Marian Mercer
  • Factory Director
    Robin Goodrin Nordli
  • Funeral Orator
    Robin Goodrin Nordli
  • Others
    William Palmieri
  • Snitkin
    William Palmieri
  • Viktor's Grandfather
    John Randolph
  • Girl Next Door
    Melissa Smigley
  • Marina
    Melissa Smigley
  • Lena's Father
    Malachi Throne


  • Michael Frayn
  • Michael Frayn
  • Robert Robinson