Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Eric Simonson
A group of low-ranking real estate salesmen are trying to survive in a cut-throat office culture. But when two of them devise a plot to redress the company’s wrongs, the resulting turmoil increases the pressure to unbearable levels.

Contains: Strong Language

Production duration: 1 hr 22 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Ricky Roma
    Joe Mantegna
  • David Moss
    Gordon Clapp
  • Detective Baylen
    Kyle Colerider-Krugh
  • Shelly Levine
    Richard Dreyfuss
  • James Lingk
    John Getz
  • George Aaronow
    Richard Schiff
  • John Williamson
    Josh Stamberg


  • Eric Simonson