Major Barbara

George Bernard Shaw
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Dakin Matthews
Barbara is a major in the Salvation Army and the daughter of Andrew Undershaft, who's made millions selling weapons of war. Battle rages between devilish father and idealistic daughter as they ask the question: does salvation come through faith or finance?
Production duration: 1 hr 52 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Bill Walker
    JB Blanc
  • Dialect Coach
    JB Blanc
  • Lady Britomart
    Kate Burton
  • Bilton
    Matt Gaydos
  • Snobby Price
    Matt Gaydos
  • Morrison
    Brian George
  • Peter Shirley
    Brian George
  • Stephen Undershaft
    Hamish Linklater
  • Adolphus Cusins
    Henri Lubatti
  • Barbara Undershaft
    Kirsten Potter
  • Andrew Undershaft
    Roger Rees
  • Charles Lomax
    Russell Soder
  • Mrs. Baines
    Amelia White
  • Rummy Mitchens
    Amelia White
  • Sarah Undershaft
    Missy Yager
  • Jenny Hill
    Sarah Zimmerman


  • Dakin Matthews