Mary Stuart

Friedrich von Schiller
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Rosalind Ayres

Elizabeth I of England is threatened by the survival of her Catholic cousin, Mary Stuart. Wrestling with her own conscience, the Queen agonizes over Mary's fate, amidst fears for her own life.

Production duration: 2 hrs
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Hanna Kennedy, Mary’s Nurse
    Sheelagh Cullen
  • Amias Paulet, Knight and Guardian of Mary
    Kenneth Danziger
  • Mortimer, Paulet’s Nephew
    Seamus Dever
  • Elizabeth, Queen of England
    Jill Gascoine
  • O’Kelly, Page and Officer of the Guard
    Matt Gaydos
  • Lord Burleigh, Lord High Treasurer
    Martin Jarvis
  • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland
    Alex Kingston
  • William Davison, Count Bellievre
    Christopher Neame
  • Melvil, Count Aubespine
    Alan Shearman
  • George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury
    W. Morgan Sheppard
  • Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
    Simon Templeman


  • Peter Oswald
  • Rosalind Ayres