Racing Demon

Racing Demon

David Hare
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Rosalind Ayres
Four clergymen seek to make sense of their mission while being torn in all directions by the Church of England. After a critically lauded debut in 1990 at London’s National Theatre, Racing Demon went on to earn universal acclaim.

Contains: Strong Language

Production duration: 2 hrs 2 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Reverend Lionel Espy
    Jared Harris
  • Heather Epsy
    Lesley Nicol
  • Frances Parnell
    Rosie Fellner
  • Ewan Gilmour
    Paul Fox
  • Reverend Tony Ferris
    Jason Hughes
  • Reverend Harry Henderson
    Martin Jarvis
  • Right Reverend Charlie Allen
    Christopher Neame
  • Tommy Adair
    Alan Shearman
  • Reverend Donald 'Streaky' Bacon
    Simon Templeman
  • Stella Marr
    Jane Wall
  • Right Reverend Gilbert Heffernan
    Matthew Wolf


  • Rosalind Ayres