William Nicholson
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Jenny Sullivan
William Nicholson's Shadowlands is the story of how C.S. Lewis—creator of the children's series The Chronicles of Narnia—lost his heart late in life to Joy Gresham, the American poet who began writing to him as a fan and eventually became his wife.

Contains: Offensive Language

Production duration: 1 hr 43 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Alan Gregg
    Arthur Hanket
  • Doctor
    Arthur Hanket
  • Registrar
    Arthur Hanket
  • Joy Gresham
    Harriet Harris
  • Harry Harrington
    Nicholas Hormann
  • C.S. Lewis
    Martin Jarvis
  • Christopher Riley
    Christopher Neame
  • Priest
    Christopher Neame
  • Douglas
    Kenneth Schmidt
  • Major Warnie Lewis
    W. Morgan Sheppard


  • Jenny Sullivan