The Autumn Garden

Lillian Hellman
LA Theatre Works
Directed by JoBeth Williams
As the summer of 1949 draws to a close, a group of middle-aged friends are gathering for their annual retreat at a genteel Southern resort, when an old aquaintaince forces them to re-examine their mundane yet seemingly idyllic existences.

Contains: Strong Language, Offensive Language, Sex

Production duration: 2 hrs 20 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Rose Griggs
    Glenne Headly
  • Mrs. Mary Ellis
    Julie Harris
  • General Benjamin Griggs
    David Clennon
  • Edward Crossman
    Eric Stoltz
  • Frederick Ellis
    Scott Wolf
  • Carrie Ellis
    Roxanne Hart
  • Sophie Tuckerman
    Tracy Middendorf
  • Leon
    Jeronimo Spinx
  • Constance Tuckerman
    Gates McFadden
  • Nicholas Denery
    David Selby
  • Nina Denery
    Mary Steenburgen
  • Hilda
    Lynne Marta


  • JoBeth Williams