The Chicago Conspiracy Trial

Peter Goodchild
LA Theatre Works
Reality is stranger than fiction when seven 1960's radicals refuse to behave in Judge Julius Hoffman's courtroom. Based on actual trial transcripts, the play centers on events following the protests and riots during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.
Production duration: 1 hr 48 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Richard Schultz
    Tom Amandes
  • Marshal
    George Czarnecki
  • Mayor Daley
    George Czarnecki
  • Woman #1
    Christine Dunford
  • Allen Ginsberg
    Richard Fire
  • Judge Hoffman
    Kevin Gudahl
  • Tom Hayden
    Gary Houston
  • Thomas Foran
    Tony Mockus
  • David Dellinger
    George Murdock
  • William Kuntsler
    Mike Nussbaum
  • Woman #2
    Peggy Roeder
  • Abbie Hoffman
    David Schwimmer
  • Leonard Wineglass
    Jeff Still
  • Deputy Mayor Stahl
    Ron West
  • Hunt
    Ron West
  • Bobby Seale
    Ed Wheeler
  • Frapolly
    Andrew White
  • Pierson
    Andrew White


  • Martin Jenkins
  • John Theocaris