The Devil's Disciple

George Bernard Shaw
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Nicholas Rudall
Shaw stands "do or die" melodrama on its head in this tale set during the American Revolution. A young hero who disdains heroism makes the ultimate sacrifice for honor and country.

Contains: Strong Language

Production duration: 1 hr 24 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Essie
    Jennifer Albright
  • Mrs. Dudgeon
    Pat Carroll
  • Christy
    Stanton Davis
  • Minister Anderson
    Bruce Davison
  • Chaplain
    Robert Dix
  • Hawkins
    Robert Dix
  • General Burgoyn
    Richard Dreyfuss
  • Sergeant
    David Bryan Jackson
  • Uncle Titus
    David Bryan Jackson
  • Judith
    Lisa Pelikan
  • Dick Dudgeon
    Derek Smith
  • Major Swindon
    Jon Tindle


  • Nicholas Rudall