The General From America

Richard Nelson
LA Theatre Works
Directed by Gordon Hunt
He was a friend of George Washington and a decorated hero of the Revolutionary War. What caused Benedict Arnold to renounce his country and become one of America’s most reviled figures?
Production duration: 1 hr 31 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Mrs. Henry Clinton
    Samantha Bennett
  • Others
    Samantha Bennett
  • Colonel Simcoe
    Steven Culp
  • Others
    Steven Culp
  • Sir Henry Clinton
    Keene Curtis
  • Benedict Arnold
    Richard Dreyfuss
  • George Washington
    Charles Durning
  • Major John Andre
    Dominic Keating
  • Hannah Arnold
    Shirley Knight
  • Major Stephen Kemble
    Richard Hoyt Miller
  • Others
    Richard Hoyt Miller
  • Peggy Arnold
    Laurel Moglen
  • Alexander Hamilton
    Douglas Weston


  • Gordon Hunt