The Misanthrope

LA Theatre Works
Razor-sharp wit inflames a competitive game of survival in the salons of 17th century France where, in this world of "finest appearances," one man's blunt honesty shatters his society's delicate web of manners.
Production duration: 1 hr 50 min
LA Theatre Works

Cast & creative team


  • Acaste
    Harry Althaus
  • Éliante
    Amy Farrington
  • Philinte
    Bradford Farwell
  • Guard of the Marshalsea
    Sean Fortunado
  • Basque
    David Frutkoff
  • Alceste
    Kevin Gudahl
  • Arsinoé
    Ora Jones
  • Dubois
    Chad Kelderman
  • Oronte
    John Reeger
  • Célimène
    Hollis Resnik
  • Clitandre
    Larry Yando