Adetomiwa Edun and Ellie Kendrick as Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's Globe
Directed by Dominic Dromgoole

Adetomiwa Edun and Ellie Kendrick are the star-crossed lovers in Dominic Dromgoole's fresh and vibrant take on Shakespeare's famous tragedy.

The dangerous and forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet is the catalyst that finally sends the warring families of Montague and Capulet head to head. Marriages, murder, exile and poison all feature in this powerful tale of doomed romance.

Production duration: 2 hrs 51 min
Shakespeare's Globe

Cast & creative team


  • Romeo
    Adetomiwa Edun
  • Juliet
    Ellie Kendrick
  • Benvolio
    Jack Farthing
  • Mercutio
    Philip Cumbus
  • Lady Montague
    Holly Atkins
  • Montague
    Michael O'Hagen
  • Lady Capulet
    Miranda Foster
  • Capulet
    Ian Redford
  • Tybalt
    Ukweli Roach
  • Paris
    Tom Stuart
  • Nurse
    Penny Layden
  • Friar Lawrence
    Rawiri Paratene
  • The Prince
    Andrew Vincent
  • Abraham/Apothecary/Chorus
    Graham Vick
  • Balthazar/Peter/Gregory/Chorus
    Fergal McElherron
  • Sampson/Friar John/Constable/Chorus
    James Lailey
  • Musician
    William Lyons
  • Musician
    Nicholas Perry
  • Musician
    Arngeir Hauksson
  • Musician
    Sharon Lindo
  • Musician
    Amy Kelly


  • Dominic Dromgoole
  • William Lyons
    Musical Director
  • Sian Williams
  • Nigel Hess
  • Simon Daw
  • Giles Block
    Text Work
  • Glynn MacDonald
    Movement Work
  • Jan Haydn Rowles
    Voice/Dialect Work