Henry V gets ready for battle

Henry V

William Shakespeare
Digital Theatre+
Directed by Joe Talbot

Meet WillShake: the boy with a trunk of theatrical tricks who likes to tell stories. Join him as he embarks on his first journey to share with us the tale of Henry V. A play about growing up, becoming a man, becoming a King.

Enhanced by beautiful animation, this live action film has been carefully abridged and adapted for children and features narration by the award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston.

Production duration: 16 min 46 sec

Cast & creative team


  • WillShake
    Jonnie Kimmins
  • Henry
    Kian Graham
  • Friend and Soldier
    Michelle Wieczorek
  • Friend and Soldier
    Daniel Plenderleith
  • Bishop of Ely and Soldier
    Rory Davidson
  • Archbishop of Canterbury and Soldier
    Leo Betts
  • Westmoreland and Soldier
    Louie Burn
  • French King
    Jamie Lawson
  • Princess Catherine
    Freya Simpson
  • Narrator
    Tom Hiddleston


  • Joe Talbot
  • Sally Rosser
    Written by
  • Joe Talbot
    Produced by
  • Lee Bryan
    Produced by
  • Emily Blacksell
  • Sam Talbot
    Produced by
  • Gerry Boujo
    Executive Producer
  • Sam Talbot
    Executive Producer
  • Joe Talbot
    Executive Producer
  • Davide Cinzi
    Director of Photography
  • Jimi Simpson
    Edited by
  • Emily Blacksell
    Script Editor
  • Coline Brun-Naujalis
    Art Director and Animation
  • Cathy Wren
    Costume Design/Stylist
  • Jussi Honka
    Sound Design
  • Alice Canty
    1st Assistant AC
  • Ben Jones
    2nd Assistant AC
  • Marcus Tate
    2nd Camera Unit Director
  • Alex Amelines
    Additional Animation
  • Valerio Cerini
  • Roxanna Gilliani
    Hair and Make Up
  • Todd Pacey
  • Tapio Liukkonen
  • Will Hodgson
  • Kirsti Davies
    Wardrobe Assistant
  • Jack Wrangham
    Ariel Camera
  • Paddy Davies at Horizon AP
    Ariel Camera
  • Melissa Crawford
    Production Assistant
  • Todd Pacey
  • Coline Brun-Naujalis
  • Brooke Wylie
    Hair and Make Up Assistant