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  • Sunday Telegraph

    "This had been brilliantly opened out from stage to screen – so much so I found myself thinking thatit worked even better than it had in the theatre... The  pity  of  it  was  that  one  of  the  dramatichighlights  of  the  year  will  only  have  been  seen  by  a  lucky  few, having  plainly  been  deemed  too  highbrow  for  themasses.”
  • Guardian

    “Howard  Davies's  adaptation  of  Michael  Frayn's  Copenhagen  took  the  theory  –  and  the  imagined  discussionsbetween  Heisenberg  and  his  Danish  physist  Niels  Bohr  –  and  made  it  into  magnificent  but  baffling  television,resplendent in a palette of flinty blues... Operatic in its ambition and balletic in its dexterity,Copenhagen  was  a  case  study  of  how  to  transfer  a  stage  play  to  the  small  screen  with  aplomb  and  dignity, givingproper writing and proper acting the care and attention they deserve.”

Cast & creative team


  • Niels Bohr
    Stephen Rea
  • Werner Heisenberg
    Daniel Craig
  • Margrethe Bohr
    Francesca Annis


  • Howard Davies
  • Simon Curtis
    Executive Producer
  • Karen Robinson Hunte
    Executive Producer
  • Mary Mazur
    Executive Producer
  • Gordon Ronald
    Executive Producer
  • Dominic Muldowney
  • Ian Wilson
  • Kevin Lester
    Film Editing
  • Janey Fothergill
  • Candida Otton
    Production Design
  • Bill Brown
    Art Direction
  • Inger Stamp
    Art Direction
  • James Keast
    Costume Design
  • Sarah Moore
    Costume Design
  • Susie Kirkham