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Cast & creative team


  • King Henry the Fourth
    Jon Finch
  • Henry, Prince of Wales
    David Gwillim
  • Prince John of Lancaster
    Rob Edwards
  • Earl of Westmorland
    David Buck
  • Sir Walter Blunt
    Robert Brown
  • Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester
    Clive Swift
  • Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland
    Bruce Purchase
  • Henry 'Hotspur' Percy
    Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March
    Robert Morris
  • Archibald, Earl of Douglas
    John Cairney
  • Scroop, Archbishop of York
    David Neal
  • Sir Michael
    Norman Rutherford
  • Owen Glendower
    Richard Owens
  • Sir Richard Vernon
    Terence Wilton
  • Sir John Falstaff
    Anthony Quayle
  • Bardolph
    Jack Galloway
  • Peto
    Steven Beard
  • Lady Percy
    Michele Dotrice
  • Lady Mortimer
    Sharon Morgan
  • Mistress Quickly
    Brenda Bruce
  • First Carrier
    Mike Lewin
  • Second Carrier
    David Bailie
  • Chamberlain
    Douglas Milvain
  • Sheriff
    Neville Barber
  • Servant to Hotspur
    George Winter
  • First Messenger
    Michael Heath
  • Second Messenger
    Malcolm Hughes


  • William Shakespeare
  • David Giles
  • Cedric Mesina
  • Don Homfray
  • Odette Barrow
  • Elizabeth Moss
  • Colin Dixon