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Cast & creative team


  • King Henry VI
    Peter Benson
  • Sir Richard Ratcliffe
    Anthony Brown
  • Sir William Catesby
    David Burke
  • Duke of Buckingham
    Michael Byrne
  • Jane Shore
    Anne Carroll
  • Earl Rivers
    Paul Chapman
  • Richard III
    Ron Cook
  • Queen Elizabeth
    Rowena Cooper
  • Lord Grey/Lord Mayor of London
    Arthur Cox
  • Duchess of York
    Annette Crosbie
  • Lord Hastings
    David Daker
  • Second Citizen/First Messenger/Earl of Richmond
    Brian Deacon
  • Young Duke of York
    Jeremy Dimmick
  • Stanley, Earl of Derby/Archbishop of York
    Tenniel Evans
  • Sir Robert Brackenbury/Earl of Surrey
    Derek Farr
  • Edward, Prince of Wales
    Dorian Ford
  • Queen Margaret
    Julia Foster
  • Second Murderer/Sir Thomas Vaughan
    Derek Fuke
  • Marquess of Dorset
    Alex Guard
  • First Murderer
    Bernard Hill
  • George, Duke of Clarence
    Paul Jesson
  • Lady Margaret Plantagenet
    Patsy Kensit
  • Page to Richard
    Rusty Livingston
  • Halberdier/Lord Lovell
    Oengus MacNamara
  • Edward IV
    Brian Protheroe
  • Ghost of the Prince of Wales
    Nick Reding
  • Edward Plantagenet
    Stephen Rooney
  • Lady Anne
    Zoë Wanamaker
  • Sir James Tyrrell
    Mark Wing-Davey
  • Duke of Norfolk/Second Keeper
    Peter Wyatt


  • William Shakespeare
  • Jane Howell
  • Shaun Sutton
  • Ron Bowman
    Film Editing
  • John Peacock
    Costume Design
  • Cecile Hay-Arthur
    Make-Up Artist
  • Alan Edmunds
  • Peter Pegrum
    Visual Effects
  • Malcolm Ranson
    Fight Arranger
  • Stephen Oliver
    Composer: Title Music
  • Dudley Simpson
    Composer: Incidental Music