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Cast & creative team


  • Rudy
    Harold Oblong
  • The Ingenue
    Deborah Winters
  • The Juvenile
    Jeremy Foster
  • The Leading Man
    Laurence Hugo
  • Wilson
    Richard Marion
  • Larry
    Philip Epstein
  • The Weightlifter
    Reb Brown
  • The Director
    John Houseman
  • The Character Lady
    Pat Hitchcock
  • The Character Man
    Leon Charles
  • The Makeup Man
    Wil Albert
  • The Leading Lady
    Timothy Blake
  • The Father
    Andy Griffith
  • The Mother
    Julie Adams
  • The Stepdaughter
    Beverly Todd
  • The Son
    James Keach
  • The Boy
    H.B. Barnum III
  • The Little Girl
    Claire Touchstone
  • Madam Pace
    Pat Ast


  • Stacy Keach
  • Norman Lloyd
  • James Shanahan
    Art Director
  • Mary Ann Biddle
    Set Decorator
  • Tom Schamp
    Lighting Designer
  • Noel Taylor
  • Sam Christensen
  • Melnick / Holstra
  • Cal Slater
    Technical Director
  • Ken Dettling
    Lighting Director
  • Maurice Stein S.M.A.
  • Janis Clark
    Hair Stylist