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  • Five stars

    Time Out

    "An elegant tribute to things that vanish in the blink of a historical eye, Indecent is a memorial that feels like a blessing."
  • The New York Times

    "It is virtuous, sturdily assembled, informative and brimming with good faith."

Cast & creative team


  • Menke
    Katrina Lenk
  • Esther
    Mimi Lieber
  • Asch
    Max Gordon Moore
  • Older Asch
    Tom Nelis
  • Nakhman
    Steven Rattazzi
  • Lemml
    Richard Topol
  • Rifkele
    Adina Verson
  • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tin Whistle
    Matt Darriau
  • Violin/Mandolin
    Lisa Gutkin
  • Accordion/Baritone/Ukulele/Percussion
    Aaron Halva


  • Rebecca Taichman/Paula Vogel
  • David Horn/Rebecca Taichman
  • Riccardo Hernandez
    Scenic Designer
  • Emily Rebholz
    Costume Designer
  • Christopher Akerlind
    Lighting Designer
  • Matt Hubbs
    Sound Designer
  • Tal Yarden
    Projection Designer
  • J. Jared Janas/Dave Bova
    Hair and Wig Designers
  • Lisa Gutkin/Aaron Halva
    Music Composition and Arrangement
  • David Dorfman