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  • The Chicago Tribune

    "Rigby's physical capabilities are just astonishing. They are empowering. They make you feel like you might chase off mortality yourself."
  • The Chicago Tribune

    "Such shows are very rare today — a dying breed, indeed — and if you think your kids have missed out on such charms, well, Rigby is here to offer that retro opportunity that requireth not an app"
  • Variety

    "Rigby is as spunky as ever as Peter — full of energy and boyish derring-do. And Paul Schoeffler, as the evil but hapless Captain Cook, serves as a worthy foil."

Cast & creative team


  • Peter Pan
    Cathy Rigby
  • Captain Hook/Mr.Darling
    Paul Schoeffler
  • Wendy
    Elisa Sagardia
  • Mrs. Darling
    Barbara McCulloh
  • Mr. Smee
    Michael Nostrand
  • Tiger Lily
    Dana Solimando
  • John Darling
    Barry Cavanagh
  • Michael Darling
    Drake English


  • J.M. Barrie
  • Carolyn Leigh
  • Moose Charlap
  • Glenn Casale/Gary Halvorson
  • Betty Comden/Adolph Green
    Additional Lyrics
  • Jule Styne
    Additional Music
  • John Iacovelli
    Production Designer
  • Shigeru Yaji
    Costume Designer
  • Martin Aronstein
    Lighting Designer
  • Francois Bergeron
    Sound Designer
  • Robert Cybula
    Wig Designer
  • Patti Colombo