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  • Five stars

    The Guardian

    By any measure going, this is perfect theatre: intelligent, moving, and horribly, horribly relevant.
  • Five stars

    The Telegraph

    Sophie Melville is remarkable as Effie […] Iphigenia in Splott is not only successful in reimagining the rhetorical poetry of its Euripidean influence – it’s also an important play. The so-called chav culture has been unremittingly mocked in the media and this attempt to humanise the sort of person sneered at in Channel 5 documentaries is long overdue.

Cast & creative team


  • Effie
    Sophie Melville


  • Gary Owen
  • Rachel O’Riordan
  • Hayley Grindle
  • Rachel Mortimer
    Lighting Designer
  • Sam Jones
    Sound Designer