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    Deftly weaving nineteenth-century mannerisms and pace with contemporary theater’s rhythms and naturalism, a fine collection of Hollywood actors presents this story of an aristocratic university student who returns home to grapple with three generations of family. Although Irish playwright Brian Friel and Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev were born more than a century apart, their concerns for their country’s landless poor and collapsing gentry had much in common. So it’s no surprise that in 1987 Friel adapted one of Turgenev’s best-known novels to the stage. This performance is easy with itself—focused and full of life, just like the two great writers who brought the epic masterwork to bear. B.P.

Cast & creative team


  • Pavel
    Harry Hamlin
  • Bazarov
    James Callis
  • Prokofyich
    Nicholas Hormann
  • Timofeich
    Nicholas Hormann
  • Arina
    Jane Kaczmarek
  • Princess Olga
    Jane Kaczmarek
  • Vassily
    Alfred Molina
  • Nikolai
    Alfred Molina
  • Katya
    Molly C. Quinn
  • Arkady
    John Sloan
  • Fenichka
    Devon Sorvari
  • Piotr
    Daniel David Stewart
  • Dunyahsa
    Jocelyn Towne


  • Brian Friel
  • Ivan Turgenev
  • Susan Albert Loewenberg
    Producing Director
  • Martin Jarvis