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Cast & creative team


  • Mrs. Carroll, The Neighbor
    Annie Abbott
  • Rosalind, The Widow
    Annie Abbott
  • Jerry Kingsley, The Manufacturer
    Elliott Gould
  • Betty Preiss, The Girl
    Christina Haag
  • George Preiss, The Husband
    Andrew Hawkes
  • Mrs. Mueller, The Mother
    Sharon Madden
  • Evelyn Kingsley, The Sister
    Sally Kellerman
  • Alice Mueller, The Kid Sister
    Julia McIlvaine
  • Marilyn, The Girlfriend
    Lisa Pelikan
  • Lillian, The Daughter
    Amy Pietz
  • Jack, The Son-in-Law
    Kenneth Alan Williams


  • Paddy Chayefsky
  • Stuart K. Robinson