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  • Midwest Book Review

    Eyebrow-raising, emotional, insightful and as relevant today as when it was first performed in 1990, Racing Demon is enthusiastically recommended.
  • AudioFile Magazine

    The perfectly voiced actors Martin Jarvis and Jared Harris lead an outstanding ensemble is giving a lively, theatrical feel to this solid adaptation.

Cast & creative team


  • Reverend Lionel Espy
    Jared Harris
  • Heather Epsy
    Lesley Nicol
  • Frances Parnell
    Rosie Fellner
  • Ewan Gilmour
    Paul Fox
  • Reverend Tony Ferris
    Jason Hughes
  • Reverend Harry Henderson
    Martin Jarvis
  • Right Reverend Charlie Allen
    Christopher Neame
  • Tommy Adair
    Alan Shearman
  • Reverend Donald 'Streaky' Bacon
    Simon Templeman
  • Stella Marr
    Jane Wall
  • Right Reverend Gilbert Heffernan
    Matthew Wolf


  • Rosalind Ayres