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  • Midwest Book Review

    Excellent and thought-provoking...highly recommended.
  • AudioFile Magazine

    Russell Harvard and Susan Pourfar reprise their stage roles in Raine’s taut and often comic play. The work examines the difficult choices that the deaf must sometimes make between the world of sound and the world of silence. Harvard, who was born into a third-generation deaf family, brings poignancy, honesty, and depth to the proceedings. Fine contemporary theater.

Cast & creative team


  • The Voice
    Rosalind Ayres
  • Christopher
    Barry Creyton
  • Daniel
    Thomas Dellamonica
  • Billy
    Russell Harvard
  • Ruth
    Cerris Morgan-Moyer
  • Sylvia
    Susan Pourfar
  • Beth
    Mare Winningham


  • Nina Raine
  • Alexis Jacknow