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  • The New York Times

    Dee Pelletier’s frightening monologue[ ...] was a revelation [...] Donald Corren [...] is a chameleonic wonder as a historian [...] A genuinely moving conclusion.
  • History News Network

    An eye-opening history lesson [...] A gut-wrenching play by Jeff Cohen [...] Unforgettable.
  • The Philadelphia Jewish Voice

    Continues to haunt me ... This is the theatre of witness at its best - provocative and morally ambiguous.

Cast & creative team


  • Milton Saltzman
    Greg Mullavey
  • Annie Blumberg
    Andi Potamkin
  • Comic / Daniel Silver / Smirnov / Mazur / Neely
    Donald Corren
  • Esther Feinman / Brenda Goodsen
    Dee Pelletier


  • Jeff Cohen
  • Arnold Mittelman
  • David Withrow
    Costume Designer
  • Heather Wolensky
    Scenic Designer
  • Leon Levitch
  • Jay Scott
    Lighting Designer