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  • Four stars

    The Stage

    "Dirisu is a formidable stage-filling presence striking visual moments strong support from Haydn Gwynne as [Coriolanus'] intelligent, ambitious mother Volumnia and James Corrigan’s Aufidius, who reveals unexpected levels of affection and warmth towards Coriolanus that serve to make the ending all the more powerful."
  • Three stars


    "As the culmination of an ambitious, thoughtfully realised season of some of Shakespeare's less popular works, it solidly earns its place in the RSC's Roman canon."
  • Three stars

    Time Out

    "It's a production that's built around artful clashes of violence and elegance. In scenes of marble-floored sterility, Coriolanus's power-hungry mother Volumnia (a sleekly persuasive Hadyn Gwynne) coaxes her son away from his meek wife, and out to battle. Then as fightingme breaks out, it's back to the abattoir, and the gory foundations that Coriolanus's power is built on."

Cast & creative team


  • Coriolanus
    Sope Dirisu
  • Aufidius
    James Corrigan
  • Menenius
    Paul Jesson
  • Volumnia
    Haydn Gwynne
  • Cominius
    Charles Aitken
  • Titus Lartius
    Ben Hall
  • Junius Brutus
    Martina Laird
  • Virgilia
    Hannah Morrish
  • Valeria
    Katherine Toy


  • William Shakespeare
  • Angus Jackson
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Robert Innes Hopkins
  • Mira Calix