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  • Five stars

    The Daily Telegraph

    "...the Shakespearean event of the autumn...this is just what the nation ordered."
  • Four stars

    The Independent

    "A production of huge flair and bite...Gregory Doran has crafted an impressive addition to his English histories project."

Cast & creative team


  • Henry V
    Alex Hassell
  • Queen Isobel
    Jane Lapotaire
  • Mistress Quickly
    Sarah Parks
  • Alice
    Leigh Quinn
  • Bardolph
    Joshua Richards
  • Fluellen
    Joshua Richards
  • King of France, Charles II
    Simon Thorp
  • Bates
    Dale Mathurin
  • Duke of Bedford
    Dale Mathurin
  • Duke of Gloucester
    Daniel Abbott
  • Monsieur Le Fer
    Daniel Abbott
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
    Jim Hooper
  • Epringham
    Jim Hooper
  • Bishop of Ely
    Nicholas Gerard-Martin
  • Duke of Orléans
    Nicholas Gerard-Martin
  • Court
    Andrew Westfield
  • Earl of Westmoreland
    Andrew Westfield
  • MacMorris
    Andrew Westfield
  • Earl of Warwick
    Christopher Middleton
  • Governor of Harfleur
    Christopher Middleton
  • Nym
    Christopher Middleton
  • Lord Scroop
    Keith Osborn
  • Montjoy
    Keith Osborn
  • Earl of Cambridge
    Simon Yadoo
  • Jamy
    Simon Yadoo
  • Michael Williams
    Simon Yadoo
  • Gower
    Obioma Ugoala
  • Grey
    Obioma Ugoala
  • Pistol
    Antony Byrne
  • Duke of Exeter
    Sean Chapman
  • Chorus
    Oliver Ford Davies
  • Dauphin, Lewis
    Robert Gilbert
  • Katherine
    Jennifer Kirby
  • Constable of France
    Sam Marks
  • Boy
    Martin Bassindale
  • Lady-in-Waiting
    Evelyn Miller
  • Rambures
    Evelyn Miller


  • William Shakespeare
  • Gregory Doran
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Paul Englishby
  • Stephen Brimson Lewis
  • Tim Mitchell
  • Martin Slavin
  • Michael Ashcroft
  • Kate Godfrey
    Company and Text Work
  • Owen Horsley
    Associate Director
  • Terry King
  • Simon Ash
    Production Manager
  • Stephanie Arditti
    Costume Supervisor
  • Patricia Davenport
    Stage Manager
  • Kevin Fitzmaurice
  • John Wyver
    Producer, Live from Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Bruce O'Neil
    Music Director
  • Helena Palmer CDG
    Casting Director
  • Ben Tyreman
    Company Manager
  • Klare Roger
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Angela Garrick
    Assistant Stage Manager
  • Sarah Holmes
    Assistant Costume Supervisor