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  • Four stars

    The Guardian

    "Everything about this production feels right... Martin Hutson's brilliant Cassius... James Corrigan's Mark Antony is a calculating cynic... The great virtue of the production is its nuanced portrayal of the divisions among those conspiring against a dictatorial Caesar."
  • Four stars

    The Mail on Sunday

    "Terrific…Angus Jackson’s production is hot-blooded and exciting. Andrew Woodall is a truly imperious tyrant…James Corrigan’s Mark Antony has the crowd round his little finger…Martin Hutson’s lean, calculating Cassius is truly outstanding." 
  • Four stars

    WhatsOn Stage

    "Julius Caesar is helmed by Angus Jackson – and he's brought something with him that delivers a spark of new fire in the air. The raw power of its delivery and the spectacle of this conspiratorial tragedy make it so much more than an invocation of Trumpian machinations."

Cast & creative team


  • Julius Caesar
    Andrew Woodall
  • Mark Antony
    James Corrigan
  • Cassius
    Martin Hutson
  • Octavius
    Jon Tarcy
  • Brutus
    Alex Waldmann
  • Cinna the Poet
    Patrick Drury
  • Publius
    Patrick Drury
  • Portia
    Hannah Morrish
  • Calphurnia
    Kristin Atherton
  • Cicero
    Anthony Ofoegbu
  • Ligarius
    Anthony Ofoegbu
  • Murullus
    David Burnett
  • Pindarus
    David Burnett
  • Trebonius
    David Burnett
  • Flavius/Lepidus
    Marcello Walton
  • Decius/Messala
    Dharmesh Patel


  • William Shakespeare
  • Angus Jackson
    Stage Director
  • Dewi Humphreys
    Screen Director
  • Robert Innes Hopkins
  • Mira Calix