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  • Five stars

    The Daily Telegraph

    "This is the most blissfully entertaining and emotionally involving RSC offering I’ve seen in ages."
  • Five stars

    The Times

    "This is, in its entirety, an endeavour that sings: poignant, impassioned and gorgeous."

Cast & creative team


  • Beatrice
    Michelle Terry
  • Benedick
    Edward Bennett
  • Leonato
    David Horovitch
  • Antonio
    Thomas Wheatley
  • Hero
    Flora Spencer-Longhurst
  • Balthasar
    Harry Waller
  • Margaret
    Emma Manton
  • Ursula
    Frances McNamee
  • Borachio
    Chris Nayak
  • Butler
    Peter Basham
  • Housemaid
    Sophie Khan Levy
  • Prince Don Pedro
    John Hodgkinson
  • Don John
    Sam Alexander
  • Count Claudio
    Tunji Kasim
  • Conrade
    William Belchambers
  • Dispatch Rider
    Oliver Lynes
  • Hugh Oatcake
    Oliver Lynes
  • Dogberry
    Nick Haverson
  • Verges
    Roderick Smith
  • George Seacoal
    Peter McGovern
  • Francis Pickbone
    Peter Basham
  • Friar Francis
    Jamie Newall
  • Sexton
    Chris McCalphy


  • Christopher Luscombe
    Stage Director
  • Robin Lough
    Screen Director
  • Nigel Hess
  • Simon Higlett
  • Oliver Fenwick
  • Jeremy Dunn
  • Jenny Arnold
  • Guy Unsworth
    Assistant Director
  • John Woolf
    Music Director
  • Tess Dignan
    Company Text and Voice Work
  • Peter Griffin
    Production Manager
  • Samantha Pickering
    Costume Supervisor
  • Janet Gautrey
    Stage Manager
  • Kevin Fitzmaurice
  • John Wyver
    Producer, Live from Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Martin McKellan
    Dialect Coach
  • Helena Palmer CDG
    Casting Director
  • Pippa Hill
    Literary Manager
  • Alistair Bruce
    Historical Advisor
  • Jondon
    Company Manager
  • George Hims
    Deputy Stage Manager
  • Emma McKie
    Assistant Stage Manager